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Model: SM36 Supervisory Module

Model: SM36 Supervisory Module


The SM36 utilizes a USB communications port which allows for local monitoring of system operations as well as easy
downloading of configuration files for multiple site installations.
The monitor will display system parameters for the user and control the system float voltage as temperature varies to
ensure the batteries are kept at optimum charge.
The SM36 also incorporate the following features:
• Support for AC-DC rectifiers (24V, 48V and 60V Outputs)
• Support for DC-DC converters (12V, 24V, 48V and 60V Outputs)
• Support for DC-AC inverters (110Vac and 240Vac Outputs)
• Support for Enatel’s range of ancillary devices, including AC metering and Battery monitors
• Control of up to three low voltage disconnects (standard or magnetically-latched contactors)
• Network connectivity (web access) (SM36 Only)
• System voltage metering for primary system DC supply. (e.g. 48V primary DC output )
• Load, battery and rectifier current metering and alarms
• Optional battery mid -point monitoring
• Active rectifier/converter current share






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